Raspberry Ketone Syrup And It’s Benefits

Perhaps the most pressing issue today is not just money but healthcare and everyday man is looking for ways in which he can better his health and maintain a body that will not disturb them in a long time. The lifestyles that man has adopted have come with very many serious challenges because it is not healthy or otherwise sustainable.

Today man is wrestling with the issue of weight because most of the foods that we are having are very fatty especially the fast foods that are meant to save time because they are ready made to acquire. The television and the entertainment industry has not made this fact easier because it is selling the fact that a slim lean figure is the most attractive today and they are very much advertising the fact that the fashion design figure down the aisle is the most perfect. So anyone with a big body is looking on ways to reduce their weight and have that perfect model figure.

Man has tried a variety of ways like surgery and somebody creams and also there are scientists who have come up with belts and body bands that are meant to reduce weight. All these have worked in different circumstances but with the introduction in supplements the public has gone wild in using them.

Since the famous doctor Oz introduced the raspberry ketones to the world this has gone viral and all people are opting to use it as a supplement for weight loss as compared to the other traditional alternatives.

The raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring compound that is readily available in most berries and it is the compound that is responsible for the distinct and pleasant smell in the berries. The chemical substance in the raspberry fruit is quite low in composition that is why you will find that the substance is very expensive. Most of the times the raspberry ketone is used in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics because of the sweet smelling aroma but doctor Oz brought about another dimension in the use of the substance.


Lab tests have proven that in mice and rats the ketone will lead to weight loss and assists in the breakdown of fats and oil substances in the body. In the scientific terms it was noted that the increased use of the raspberry ketone assisted in the increased secretion of the hormone that is known as adiponectine that is responsible to break down fats and turn them in to energy (Source: raspberryketoneinfo.org reviews).

The study was conducted by feeding a number of rats with lots of fatty foods and after a few weeks they were measured in accordance to their weights. Then in a couple of weeks then half of them were subjected to introduction of the ketones and the results indicated that the rats that were subject to the ketones indicated some considerable amount of weight loss and amount of fat in their body even if their diets continued to be the same.

Another study did not involve any animals but the ketones were introduced directly to fatty cells where the result is that they stimulated the breakdown of the fatty cells. Whichever the case, the studies have not concluded that the same result will be experienced in the human body.

Though the studies do work on other species the food supplement companies have used this notion to produce raspberry ketone diet supplements that contain this substance for consumption. Even though the ketones work in reducing weight if the lifestyle does not change then the effects will be neutralized even if you use the ketone pills every day.

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